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Melanie Marino
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A Midnight Journey

The Defining Experience

 One Autumn evening, after mom tucked five -year -old me in, my bed started spinning in a downward vortex. Prone to motion sickness, I marveled in it's absence. Lost in blissful peace, I'm not sure how long I spun. Eventually I became aware of my soul floating. Ecstatic by the freedom to move outside the confines of my physical body, I knew I could go anywhere I chose and Jupiter instantly became The destination. Exhilarated by the possibilites (as well as my decision) I floated across the remainder of the playroom floor, coming upon the steep narrow stairs of the turn of the 20th century house I grew up in. Terrified, I floated a bit at the top, mentally wrestling with myself; I knew I could float down the stairs (I had just floated across the floor!) yet fear of those stairs immobilized me. You were just thinking about flying to Jupiter and a set of stairs is stopping you, really?! For a few long moments I rationally spoke to my fear, but, in the end fear won out; my soul entered back into my body.  Nonetheless, God, the Universe, whatever you believe in, imparted knowledge to me that night. Deep, unwavering knowledge that I could have been born anywhere, to any set of parents, and I still would be me. My soul, my essence is the very core of who I am. My being is what exists separate from my physical body. I would have looked different, yes, but it would still be me! I was shown our souls have conscious thought. That our souls don't die. When our physical bodies cease functioning, our souls literally 'step out' or float out of them. This knowledge has carried me through incredibly difficult times. This three dimensional life is not all there is. 

About Me

Mysticism is omniscient in my life. Maybe because I have Pisces rising and Neptune in the 9th house, or my lineage tracing back to the Druids. It could be an ancestral gift from my 9th great grandmother Rebecca Towne Nurse, or I'm a Starseed. Whatever the reason(s), I understand deeper meanings of life and have been reading tarot and casting natal charts for thirty years. In December 2020 I earned a BA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality from SUNY New Paltz after taking a long hiatus raising children.    


Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying

Melanie's tarot readings kept me sane during a devastating breakup. Without the answers and insights she provided, I do not think I would've survived.

Jaden T.

Having crippling panic attacks when I started college, Melanie, with her compassionate intuition and optimistic outlook, helped me realize my struggle was not insurmountable. She provided tools to ground myself and with time and practice I successfully completed all my classes with high marks and greater self confidence.

Ann M.

I was really struggling with immense emotional pain when I decided to have my natal chart read. Melanie gave me renewed meaning and purpose in my life. Right now, I am excited about my future and all my possiblities!

Jasmine W.

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