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Falling in Love

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

For those of us with Libra or a seventh house signature in our birth charts, romantic love and relationships take precedence in our lives. (I'm pretty sure Disney Princess Belle is a sun in Libra with Sagittarius rising.) The desire to love and be loved feels as essential as breathing. Rarely though do the relationships we enter into end up being satisfying. Often we settle for and with people who fail to nurture our souls and/or diminish ourselves and our dreams. I have learned through my dark night of the soul that it is imperative for us to fall in love with ourselves. This does not mean we are free from having the goal of a committed relationship. What it does mean is the freedom of being joyful, happy, and even content in the moments and time we spend without one. I have been single since I left my now ex-husband (of 20 years) in July of 2018. He (my ex) has stated he is surprised I am single. The answer I gave to him and give everyone else is: I refuse to settle. I implore every one of you to stand tall in your beautiful beings; fall in love with who you are. Hold on to your ideals. It is far better to be single than miserable !

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