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Love Thyself

It is super easy to lose ourselves in others, especially if we have Pisces, Libra, Gemini or Cancer in our charts. These relationship orientated signs sometimes forget where they end and another begins. That said, all (haha more likely most) humans desire physical touch. We crave it because it makes us feeled loved, supported, and safe. It's not surprising that the benefits of touch are vast, helping to heal our emotions thereby adding years to our lives. The astrological signs mentioned above literally crave relationships as others crave touch. They want to become intertwined with another. Some even like codependent relationships (we won't mention which ones haha). As a result, heartache is no stranger to their lives. People are fallible, as well as wounded, so we hurt when we are in relationships, and ironically we hurt when we are not. It is most important for us to remember to love ourselves throughout both coupling and singledom. To have the most amazing relationship with ourselves. Self-care, positive self-speak, hugging ourselves, boundaries, communication are all vital for our emotional and physical well-being. This does not mean our lives will be void of pain; it means we have a healthier way of navigating our navigating our pain. One of the byproducts of self-love is healthier relationships. For the better we love ourselves, the better we love others.

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