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Sunset Sailboats
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Hard Conversations

I would have publicized my business years ago but was terrified of what my mother thought. Raised a Baptist, her religious roots could cause her to think less of me, possibly even stop speaking with me. Having been on an organized religion zeal for many years, I understood this potential deeply, previously thinking tarot and astrology were pathways to eternal damnation. Knowing I needed to talk with Mom before moving forward, I thought about approaching her for days, mentally and emotionally processing and preparing. On That day, enveloped by her beautiful sunlit porch, my heart pounded. Was this the end of our relationship? Was it the end of pursing my dreams? I stated my fears to her prior to sharing my apparent dissent from Bible based Christianity. After verbally laying the foundation as to why I felt the need to proceed in this direction, I voiced my intent. Full of authenticity, she declared her support of my endeavors; moving forward became a reality.

Hard conversations are just that: HARD. The best preparation and defense we have is to process in advance. That process will look different for each of us and situation. Giving ourselves time is key. When we are ready, we are ready for what ever outcome awaits. Fear will still be present, though the fear of stagnation trumps the fear of the end result. We are meant to grow and change. And growth and change are direct results of hard conversations. Much love Beloveds ~

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