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Sunset Sailboats
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Updated: Jan 22

When we are chasing after something we are in persistent pursuit. And while the energy we expend pursuing is unquestionably admirable, the priceless investments of our thoughts, time and energy are rarely awarded reciprocity.

For those of us without a Capricorn signature in our charts, we can look to our Capricorn peeps to understand (and then embody) steadfast, graceful endurance over and through the steepest terrain with peaceful clarity. A mountain goat (the symbol of Capricorn) climbs an existing mountain, reaching a peak that is already there, all the while it's needs being met; the journey being fully reciprocal. And while the journey may appear harrowing at times, the mountain goat effortlessly proceeds as that mountain is there precisely for that goat. When we are in the act of pursuing, we are seeking that which does not exist for us; a mountain that isn't present for us to climb. People, places, and items that fail to reciprocate because they are not our people, places and items. Reciprocity is key. We will not have to chase that which is meant for us.

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