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Sunset Sailboats
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Ladies !

While becoming a Healer, the Healer must heal themselves. The journey starts in childhood and continues to unfold the entirety of our lives. Just this evening I reached another level of healing and growth as I sped my way through ride class envisioning the peaks and ramps our instructor led us through. The final 20 seconds of the last song, she beckoned us to see the finish line, pushing ourselves harder and faster. Being a Libra, with a massive 7th house stellium, I started to visualize my latest love interest cheering me on just beyond that glorious chalky white finish line. As I settled into his face, the word No entered largely into my conscious thought. My brain, soul, spirit guides, God , the Universe, (whichever it was) then said It should be a better version of you waiting at the end so I instantly switched my vision to exactly that. In years past, that thought would never have occurred to me; and it was an incredible moment to see me cheering me on. I realized: We need to be our greatest fans. For as we push, encourage, and cheer ourselves on, our self value and worth soars to limitless heights. We stop seeking approval from others because we approve of ourselves. The journey is never easy, but omg, it is 100% worth it.

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